Public Cupping

We offer weekly public cuppings every Friday 9am
at Seven Seeds – 114 Berkeley Street, Carlton
$4 donation


These are run on a walk-in basis (no reservations) and are limited to 10 people per session.
We recommend arriving 10 – 15mins beforehand to secure a spot.
Allow 45mins - 60mins for the cupping. 
No cupping on Public holidays - Good Friday etc

What is cupping?
Coffee cupping is a practise used by coffee buyers and roasters to taste and score coffees side by side. It's also a great way to develop your palate and breakdown aspects of the coffee's taste.
Typically, seasoned cuppers will be assessing body, sweetness, acidity and overall flavour.

What will you be doing?
Each session is hosted by a Seven Seeds coffee roaster who will run through the cupping process and together the group will learn about and appreciate the chosen coffees of the day.

Where does the donation go?
100% of your $4 donation goes to an organisation in Ethiopia called Water Wise Coffee.
Once we reach our 1k target we will make the donation in full and then select our next charity / cause to contribute to.

Why Water Wise Coffee?
Every day, many of us drink coffee. It’s an important part of our routines, social lives and community. Coffee is also integral to many coffee producers, both socially and economically.

By donating to our cupping session, you are helping coffee producers in Ethiopia tackle the waste generated by wet mills to keep the rivers clean that many local people love and rely on. In effect, you are contributing to a cause to ensure the Ethiopian coffee industry and culture thrives for many generations to come.

Drop by their site and learn a little more


Donation Timeline 
11 Dec 2015 - now
Water Wise Coffee Project