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Holiday Trading Hours Are Here - In-Store & Online
Holiday Trading Hours Are Here - In-Store & Online

New Release | Franklin Madrid, Honduras

Franklin Madrid, Honduras

We love it when a super tasty, versatile coffee lands on our cupping table and ticks more than one box. Franklin Madrid, Honduras is one of these fantastic releases, bolstering the bright fruitiness of a recent F.Bomb blend and joining our single origin filter menu today.

Now in our third year of purchasing from producer Franklin Madrid, this season's release uses the Pacas and Parainema varietals, resulting in a gorgeous coffee. You can expect tropical notes with an upbeat acidity and an incredibly textured finish. This coffee has a complexity that evolves into something new with each brew, but it always puts a smile on the dial. 

It has been a challenging last three years for Franklin and his family, with hurricanes in November 2020 devastating the region already struggling through Covid-19. The Madrid Family own and manage around 100 hectares of coffee trees, and labour shortages in the industry have impacted them severely. Franklin represents a growing trend among producers looking to move away from larger-scale production, focusing on higher-value varietals and fermentation innovation. 

Here at Seven Seeds, we look forward to continuing our relationship with the Madrid family and eagerly wait to see what comes next.

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