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Coffee at your place - with a Hand Grinder

Now for the up-sell (is it too early?!) the guys at Hortus once again doing a wonderful job of displaying goods for sale.

This is the mini porlex hand grinder. An essential for any kitchen, office or travel kit. Grind your beans right before you brew for optimum freshness.

As easy as a pepper grinder, we swear.
Available in our cafes Seven Seeds / Traveller / Hortus / Brother Baba Budan and online.

Hand model: Xander the Great.

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New dish!

Here's a newbie for the food menu at Seven Seeds in Carlton:

Vegetable and feta frittata w/ hommus, pickled red onions and rocked served in a lightly toasted turkish roll

It's delicious.


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Coffee menu change

Change is in the air:

This week we've changed the espresso blend and have also added a new Kenyan Filter.

We’re returning to a two component version of the Espresso Blend with the Ethiopian Kochere being joined by a new Guatemalan, the San Jose Poaquill, with a 40/60% split respectively.

Whilst we’re sad to see the end of the Ethiopia Kochere it is being replaced by the Kenyan Karatu on the Filter list. The Colombian Del Palmar has been removed from both the Espresso Blend and Singles list.

There will be more changes coming up as more coffee lands in coming this space!

Lordy, we love this time of year x

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