Brazil Season 2022

March-August 2022

Brazil Season is in full swing here at Seven Seeds, and we've been blown away at the incredible lots we've sourced from the local producers and our sourcing partners in the regions.

This year, we're proud to include several award-winning producers on our menu; we look forward to strong, long-lasting relationships with these partners, producers, and their families.

In recent years, we've found that the coffee lots purchased from Brazil are traditionally more suited towards an espresso roast. This year we are thrilled to include three stunning filter releases alongside the great lots on our espresso menu. It is a true reflection of the huge steps forward in innovation, processing methods and quality control from the region.

Award Winning Producers featured on our Menu

Luiz Paulo Dias Pereira (Fazenda IP)

Luiz Paulo constantly strives to improve the quality of his produce through new processing methods, hands-on experience and shared knowledge. A spectacular score of over 90 at the Brazil 2021 Cup of Excellence reflects the immense skill and hard work put in by Luiz and his team. The quality and complexity of his lots are above and beyond what you'd expect from a typical Brazillian coffee. Luiz's experimentation with different processes, such as the Honey Process used on the Fazenda IP, is an absolute game-changer for coffee from this region.

Maria Rogeria (Irmas Pereira)

Born into a family of coffee farmers and later taking over the reins of the family farm alongside her sister, Maria Rogeria says the greatest challenge in coffee production is keeping their pioneering spirit alive. Her genuine passion for coffee and keeping a step ahead of the market's demands is what makes Maria's coffee stand out from the pack. The use of cutting edge techniques and careful, meticulous processing methods has paid off; Maria's Fazenda Irmas Pereira Geisha varietal ranked among the winners at the 2021 Brazil Cup of Excellence.

Silvio Leite (Passagem de Pedra Collections #11 and #7)

In the world of coffee, Silvio Leite is a legend. A co-founder of the Cup of Excellence competition, he is a world-renowned head judge, a passionate advocate for speciality coffee and most recently, an award-winning producer. Seven Seeds are proud to know Silvio as both a friend and partner. A valued, long-lasting relationship of over seven years, working with Silvio as an agent gave us access to other incredible lots from the region (including Ouro Verde and Jose Joaquim), and now we have the privilege to purchase lots from his own personal farm, including the incredible Passagem de Pedra collections.