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A new cooperative, formed with the assistance of the Kata Maduga Union, we’re so pleased to support Kolla Bolcha through purchasing their first harvest! The cooperative will receive smaller dividends per kilo for their harvest, while they’re paying off their loan for start up costs- things like drying beds, pulper & excavation costs. Here’s to many more harvests for the Kolla Bolcha Cooperative.


PRODUCER Kolla Bolcha Cooperative
HARVEST November 15th-December 2017
PARTNERS Kata Maduga Union, Sourcing Partner


In Jimma, local cooperatives are made up of small-holder farmers who take their coffee cherry to a Coop washing station, after which the elected union facilitates the sale of parchment & milling before export. We’ve listed the FOB (Freight on Board) price that we paid to Kata Maduga, and within that, the Farmgate price - what the Coop directly earned for the coffee in parchment. On top of FOB, we  pay to ship the coffee to Melbourne, quality assess, roast (resulting in a 15% volume loss), & retail it, adding significant costs & risk.

Compare the different trading models to see what the cooperative would have received if he hadn’t sold to Seven Seeds.

SEVEN SEEDS 3.84 9.31
COMMODITY 2.85 3.99
FAIRTRADE varies 5.53

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