Kenya, Maywal

TASTES LIKE Dates, Blackberry Jam & Panela
PROFILE Deep & Syrupy


Maywal (also known as Maakiou) is a coffee estate located in Kiambu Country, only 15km from Nairobi. The estate was originally established by a Greek couple during the precolonial period & changed hands in 1974 when it was acquired by its current owners. The drought resistant variety, SL28, was developed in the 1930s for Kenyan conditions, and is highly sort after for its striking blackcurrant flavours which are inherit in many Kenyan Coffees.

ORIGIN Kiambu County, Central Provence, Kenya

PRODUCER Maakiou Estate

VARIETIES SL-28, Batian, Ruiru 11

PROCESS Fully Washed

PARTNERS Dormans & Condesa



Buying Coffee in Kenya, The Auction

The Auction system dominates coffee buying in Kenya. Since 1934, the Nairobi Coffee Exchange has operated the trading of coffee, with a government mandate to seek greatest value and sustainability of the industry. Small & large coffee producers alike are able to sell their best coffees side-by-side. Cooperatives like Gathaithi employee an agent to sell their coffee at the auction, in this case, CMS. Seven Seeds engages C. Dorman, a coffee exporter, to purchase on our behalf, after receiving samples. 

PARTNERS Auction Agent & Exporter: C. Dormans, Nairobi. Importer & transport to Melbourne: Condesa Co.Lab


We believe in the future of coffee. We’re calling on the industry to pay sustainable prices, so coffee farmers don’t need to turn to other crops to survive. We’ve listed the FOB (Freight on Board) price we paid to the exporter &  the price paid at Auction. We weren’t able to establish the Farmgate price before release. On top of FOB, this coffee was shipped to Melbourne, quality assessments completed, roasted (resulting in a 15% weight loss), & retailed, adding significant costs. You can read more about the way we source coffee via our website.

Compare the different trading models to see what Maakiou Estate would have received if they hadn’t sold to Seven Seeds. 

SEVEN SEEDS 12.56 16.23
COMMODITY varies 3.25
FAIRTRADE varies 3.95

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