Birdsnake Chocolate, Christmas Box, 6 x 30g


Happy Holidays! 6 Artisans in a box.

Made in Melb, Birdsnake are contributing to what occurred in the 'third wave' of coffee. But without the quantifier of 'specialty grade' to address. How do they make chocolate taste so good, naturally? Careful selection, roasting to optimise each origin, small batch processing and tempering to make that cacao sing. 

This very special project includes 6 x 30g inclusion bars from Birdsnake and friends:

All Are Welcome - Panettone
Billy Van Creamy - Gingerbread
Birdsnake - Licorice
Bread Club - Fruit Mince Pie
Somethingsiliketocook - Sour Cherry & Chilli
Monforte Viennoiserie - Honey Salted Croissant Flakes


Contains Gluten and Dairy