This recipe is an adaption of recent World AeroPress Championship winning recipes. To get the best results, use a digital scale, and a timer. It’s important to note if you are ordering coffee ground from us, order it ground for French Press when following this recipe. We know a lot of people will still be using an older style recipe, which is ground finer


If you want to guestimate - the AeroPress scoop (which comes in the pack) holds roughly 17g of coffee, at this larger grind size, for recipe.


20g coffee : 210 g water



1 . Set up your AeroPress in the inverted style. Boil the water, and wait 1:30 minutes - the temperature should drop to 90c. Wet the filter paper in the lid.

2. Place the AeroPress on the scales, then tare. Add 20g coffee, tare again.

3. Start your timer, add 50g of water and stir the grounds to make sure they’re all covered.

4. At 30 seconds, add 100g of water, and give it a quick stir.

5. At 1:15 minute, screw on the lid, and get that air out before you flip it over to plunge. Slowly press down the top chamber until a tiny bit of liquid comes out.
6. At 1:30 place your cup on the top, flip both AeroPress & cup over, and plunge straight away.

7. Add 60g of room temperature water to the brew.


Grind Size | The most critical aspect of your recipe, the grind size influences the flow of water through the ground coffee, thereby impacting on strength & flavour.

Heat | Warm your vessel before brewing by running hot water through it. Remember to throw out that water before starting brewing.

Water | Even though tap water in Melbourne, and Australia is delish & clean, we always brew with filtered water. It eliminates any 'extras' that come through you pipes. It also softens the water, and makes comparison between our cafes easier.

Freshness | It's not a marketing ploy. Buying smaller amounts more frequently means your coffee will taste better. We reckon you should use coffee one month after roast. Yes, grinding just before you brew gives you the best result. But we know not everyone can get their hands on a grinder, that's why we'll grind it for you.


Roast | Light roast all the way!

Profile | We use words that describe the body & mouthfeel of coffee, which is seperate to the flavour notes we taste. A profile might be sweet & balanced, or bright & delicate. The latter has more acidity, where as a balanced profile is more rounded, for example.

Notes of | These are the flavour we find in the coffee.