Bolivia Cafe Takesi Typica
**Limited Edition Cafe Takesi**

Bolivia Cafe Takesi Typica

One of the highest altitude coffee farms in the world, we have been a guest of Cafe Takesi two years running and are very proud to be able to present their coffees to you, exclusively in Australia. 

Tasting like Plum Jam, Brown Sugar, Apple


Cafe Takesi are growing some of the highest altitude coffees in the world. The farm is between 1900 to 3200 meters and is spread over 2,500 hectares of land nestled on the steep slopes of the Royal Mountain ranges of the Andes. Producer Mariana Iturralde Costa has allocated 600 hectares to grow and develop 4 varietals under very specific growing conditions. Rich, acidic soil composed of layered organic matter that covers a volcanic surface, topography and cloud presence all contribute to make a unique ecosystem for growing. With the slower rate of cherry maturation found at these heights, Mariana and her team apply a particular pruning system to ensure they maximise the harvest, while maintaining the trees. 

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