Brazil, Ricardo Miranda

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TASTES LIKE Peach Ice Tea, Plum, Maple Syrup
PROFILE Vibrant & Complex 


There are just 80 bags of this stunning coffee. An auction purchase from the Micro Region Producer Showcase in Minas Gerias, roaster Yoshi choose this coffee for it’s vibrancy. The showcase, run by the BSCA was held to promote the smaller farmers in the region with late harvest coffees. It’s no secret that Brazil is not the first county you think of for sourcing single origin filter coffees. Rather big volume blenders, or espressos around the 84-85 point score. But boy, this is a 90 pointer. Ricardo Miranda is a fourth generation producer, with a small farm of 6 ha, the coffee is a pulp natural, where the washing and separating fruit occurs at different points of maturation. 


ORIGIN Sitio Sao Gabriel, Araponga, Minas Gerais, Brazil PRODUCER Ricardo Miranda VARIETIES Catuai PROCESS Fully Washed Pulped Natural ALTITUDE 1970 MASL PARTNERS Auction Purchase  QUALITY SCORE 90 HISTORY First year of purchasing LOT SIZE 20 KG

TRANSPARENCY REPORT Brazil, Ricardo Miranda