Burundi Murambi
Burundi Murambi
Burundi Murambi
Burundi Murambi
Burundi Murambi
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Burundi Murambi

Suitable for espresso + filter

Tastes like Grape, Cocoa, Plum


Murambi Washing Station
Kiganda, Muramvya, Burundi




1700 growers organised
into 13 associations

Burundi coffee production is dominated by Bourbon type varietals which result in a red fruit cup profile and have great sweetness. Sourcing from Burundi can be difficult, and we were lucky enough to pick up this stunning coffee from the National Burundi Cup of Excellence competition. Today Murambi washing station has 1,700 growers organized into 13 associations. The company has set up a nursery for 33,000 bourbon coffee seedlings to be distributed for free to neighbouring coffee growers to help increase future production.

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