Colombia Del Palmar '14
Seven Seeds

Colombia Del Palmar '14

Recommended for espresso
Tastes like red currant, panela, chocolate


Asociacion de Prodcutores 
Agricolas de Palmar de Criollo


1400 - 1800 masl

Fully Washed

Caturra, Colombia

Del Palmar is a high quality Colombian coffee produced by a selection of small coffee growers who are part of the ‘Asociación de Productores Agrícolas de Palmar de Criollo’ founded in 2003 by 90 growing families. 

Now made up of 150 members, the farmers deliver their lots to a Virmax facility located in Pitalito to be analyzed for physical defects and then cupped. Only those that score 84 points or higher are bought to become Del Palmar. This coffee is the product of exceptional craftsmanship by the small coffee growers and a great example of a balanced and sweet Colombian cup.

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