Colombia, Gilberto Rojas

Colombia, Gilberto Rojas

TASTES LIKE Plum, Honeycomb, Black Forest Cake
PROFILE Fun & fruity


A second place getter at the Colombia CoE in 2015, Gilberto Rojas is single-minded in his goal for constant quality improvement, and subsequently a higher selling price to support his wife & six children. Inheriting the farm from his parents, Finca La Florida is 1700 masl, and growing predominantly the Colombia varietal. Gilberto is strict in controlling fermentation and drying.


PRODUCER Gilberto Rojas
PROCESS Washed: approx. 32 hr fermentation, 10-15 days drying on raised beds
HARVEST November-December 2017
PARTNERS Azahar Coffee Company, Sourcing Partner


 In Huila, Colombia the estimated cost of production is $1.5 US/lb (4.37 AU/kg). At purchase we determined a sustainable, profitable price for the growing longevity of the producer. Below, we’ve listed the FOB (Freight on Board) price that we paid to Azahar, and within that, the Farmgate price - what Gilberto directly earned for his coffee as parchment. On top of FOB, we then pay to ship the coffee to Melbourne, quality assess, roast (resulting in a 15% weight loss), & retail it, adding significant costs & risk.

Compare the different trading models to see what Gilberto would have received if he hadn’t sold to Seven Seeds. 

SEVEN SEEDS 5.26 12.28
COMMODITY 2.85 4.02
FAIRTRADE varies 4.86


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