Colombia La Cacica
Seven Seeds

Colombia La Cacica

Honey, Strawberry, Almond

Recommended for espresso

Producer ADPASO
Farm Smallholder Farms
Region Huila
Altitude 1600 - 1850 masl
Process Fully Washed
Varietal Caturra

La Cacica is a Colombian coffee grown by around 100 families who are part of a grower’s co-operative registered as Asociacion de Productores Agricolas de San Roque, established in 1985. ”ADPASO” smallholder farmers cultivate their coffee in rich volcanic soil along the steep hills of the Colombian Andes, none of which have farms larger than 4 hectres. By joining forces, the members and their families have been able to improve their quality of life, enjoying multiple benefits like health care and education. They are in the process of integrating more practices like organic composting and reducing the amount of water used during processing.

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