Colombia El Tesoro

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Apricot, Green Apple, Black Cherry 

Palestina, Huila, Colombia v 


Victor Barrera  

We have been lucky to secure only 25kg of this beautiful coffee, a varietal which was originally developed by Cenicafe combining Timor Hybrid, Typica and Bourbon. Farmer, Victor Barrera chose to plant this rare varietal on his farm for many reasons. Tabi’s resistance to disease, the plants architecture itself and the result in the cup are to name but a few.

Despite the relative comfort of harvesting Tabi over more traditional Colombian varieties, Victor pays his pickers considerably more to ensure that only the ripest possible fruit makes it into his wooden hopper before getting processed.

We want to express our appreciation to Victor for this special coffee and the effort and experience that has gone into producing it. So $5.00 per bag will go back to Victor at the end of this year's harvest. 

*If you would like your coffee ground, please state this and what for in the notes section at the check-out *

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