Costa Rica Montañas Del Diamante
Seven Seeds

Costa Rica Montañas Del Diamante

Roasted for Espresso

Peach, orange acidity & a cocoa finish.

Region: Tarrazú
Varietal: Bourbon
Processing: Red Honey
Elevation: 1700masl

The Montañas Del Diamante mill employs the Miel, or ‘Honey’ processing technique to produce a stunning coffee from cherries grown on the small farm of La Pastora.

In Honey processing, which is typical of Costa Rica, a layer of fruit is left on the coffee bean as it dries in the sun, allowing the it to absorb sugars and adding complexity to the final cup.

The term Red Honey refers to the amount of fruit remaining after initial sorting. As opposed to yellow honey, where a thin layer of fruit accompanies the drying bean, in Red Honey processing the entire cherry (minus the skin) stays intact.