Ethiopia Kochere
Ethiopia Kochere
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Ethiopia Kochere

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Lemonade, Jasmine and hints of Black Tea

Producer Coops
Region Kochere, Yirgacheffe
Altitude 2100masl
Process Fully Washed
Varietal Heirloom

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It's a challenge to source coffee directly from farmers and producers in Ethiopia. With the majority of the coffees we source from Ethiopia we go and visit coop's, talk with the Union they export through and are in constant communication with Techno Serve who help set up Coops and deliver training/business advice to them. Kochere is the name of a small region in Yirgacheffe and coffee from here is bought and sold on the commodities exchange, it's traceability is limited. It's difficult to determine the growing association and a challenge to give full credit to the farmers growing this coffee.

Whilst it would be great to say that we know where every single coffee comes from that we roast, sometimes this is impossible. This lot of Kochere is sold under it's regions name and grade. It is a stunning tasting coffee however, a great example of what Yirgacheffe is famous for. Coffee that tastes like lemonade, jasmine and hints of black tea. Heirloom varietals grown in rich red earth, toiled by hands of the ancestors of the very people that discovered this prized and mysterious drink.

We are happy to present this coffee to you, although we look forward to the day we can give full credit to the farmers growing this coffee.

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