Ethiopia, Kolla Bolcha

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TASTES LIKE Nectarine, Lychee, Fairy Floss
PROFILE Bright & Fruity


This is the second year Seven Seeds has purchased coffee from Kolla Bolcha  cooperative in Agaro, Ethiopia. This new(ish) washing station is situated near some of the well-known and loved cooperatives in the Gera woreda. You’ll no doubt be seeing Kolla Bolcha become synonymous with the much sought after Agaro flavour profile, and rightly so.

In only their third harvest since the forming the cooperative, the mandate is clear - attention to precise picking & processing to result in stunning coffees. We've found Kolla Bolcha presents with plenty of tropical and stone fruit type flavours with this lighter roast treatment. What's also prominent is the brightness of this coffee - a reference to the acidity. In this case, as you sip you may find the acidity comes first and acts as a sort of introduction as it binds together those sweet flavours we mentioned earlier. As a sensation, it could be liken to taking a bite from a granny smith apple or something particularly juicy sweet, like a nectarine. Bright n Fruity!


ORIGIN Gera, Agaro, Ethiopia
PRODUCER Kolla Bolcha Co-operative
VARIETIES Varied Semi-Forest Coffee
PROCESS Fully Washed
ALTITUDE 1985 - 2200 MASL
PARTNERS Kata Maduga Union, Sourcing Partner
HISTORY Two years of purchasing


We believe in the future of coffee. We’re publishing the price we pay for coffee, so farmers don’t need to turn to other crops. We’ve listed the FOB (Freight on Board) price we paid to the exporter & within that, the Farmgate price, what Kolla Bolcha directly earned for their coffee as parchment. On top of FOB, this coffee was shipped to Melbourne, quality assessments completed, roasted (resulting in a 15% weight loss), & retailed, adding significant costs. You can read more about the way we source coffee via our website.

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