Eulogio Mamani, Peru

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PROFILE Sweet & Unique
TASTES LIKE Grape, Raisin, Rose Water
ROAST Filter Brewing


Eulogio is another producer from the same valley of Alto Inambari in Puno. The farm is in close quarters to other south Peru producers we have featured prior, Laura Nilva Paye and most recently Flora Cuba Cama. Along with all the harvest samples we received in 2020 from farms in northern Cajamarca we also received this very small, late offering from Eulogio. It was stunning really and showed similar characteristics to Flora and Laura's coffees. When we inquired about the coffee itself, a curious story emerged about a variety coined locally as Bourbon Grande. The coffee has all the distinction and nuance of gesha variety with a broad mid palate we can only guess can be attributed to the bourbon(ness) in the cell matrix. It will be fascinating to follow this as it unfolds from the genetics labs and of course it's simply wonderful to be able to feature another coffee from the Alto Inambari valley.

Some producers in the valley of Alto Inambari produce a coffee they call "Bourbon Grande" (Big Bourbon) as the appearance of the plants is very similar to Bourbon. However local producers and researchers are sure it is no normal Bourbon and are planning to send leafs of the plants to WCR for genetic analysis. The beans are considerably bigger (similar to Maracaturra or Pacamara) the plants look different though.


  • ORIGIN Alto Inambari Puno, Peru
  • PRODUCER Eulogio Mamani
  • HISTORY 1st Year
  • VARIETIES Bourbon Grande
  • PROCESS Fully Washed
  • HARVEST Sep-Oct 2020
  • ALTITUDE 1900 masl
  • LOT SIZE 120kg
  • PARTNERS Finca Churupampa & Caravela
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