Evin Moreno, Honduras

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PROFILE Rich & Complex
TASTES LIKE Blueberry, Fudge, Brown Sugar
ROAST Medium Roast, Espresso Brewing


Evin Moreno began coffee farming in 2010. Before that he grew vegetables, but on his fathers advice, who is a coffee farmer, began to grow coffee. Three years later he entered the Cup of Excellence for the first time and earned 12th place. The cherries for this lot are picked carefully, then are placed into bags without oxygen to anaerobically ferment for 48 hours. They are then de-pulped and put into containers to dry ferment for four more hours. It is this special process that has produced a lot with such a complex flavour.

Mark and Ryan had originally planned to visit Honduras in 2020 but had the trip cancelled due to Covid. The shipment was organised through Benjamin Paz, a friend of Seven Seeds and an extremely important member of the Honduras coffee community. He's currently organising relief for producers and their families devastated by Hurricane Eta.


  • ORIGIN El Cedral, Santa Barbara, La Montañita, Honduras
  • PRODUCER  Evin Moreno
  • HISTORY 1st purchase
  • VARIETIES Pacas, Red Catuai
  • PROCESS Anaerobic, Washed
  • HARVEST Dec 19 - Jan 20
  • ALTITUDE 1650 masl
  • LOT SIZE 276kg
  • PARTNERS Benjamin Paz & LCM

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