Franklin Madrid, Honduras

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PROFILE Fruity & Floral
NOTES OF Pineapple, Blueberry, Grapefruit
ROAST Light Roast, Filter Brewing


This, our last coffee from the Honduran season, comes from Franklin Madrid. For every bag sold of Franklin’s coffee, we’re donating $1 to the Rebuilding from Hurricane Eta fund, plus Seven Seeds will match the donation!

The Category 4 hurricane hit in Nov, and parts of the Santa Barbara municipality, where Franklin’s farm is located, were hit by severe landslides, destroying homes. We thank of buying partner Benjamin Paz for championing, and supporting the people of Santa Barbara. 

Read more about the fund

The landed sample of this coffee caught the roasters pleasantly by surprise, cupping a point higher than the post milling samples. A beautiful coffee with big stone fruit flavour and complex florals. 
 Franklin was born in a family of coffee producers, his Grandfather, Constantino Madrid was the first planting coffee in El Sauce village; since then the farms have been managed by his grandfather, his father, and now his brothers and him. Franklin’s son Denilson is currently studying agronomy at university, to receive technical knowledge and put it into practice on his father’s farm. The coffee comes from El Sauce village in the Santa Barbara Mountain, a mountainous massif of more than 121.3 km2 of surface and a maximum height of 2750 MASL which is mostly a virgin forest reserve declared a national park since 1987.


ORIGIN El Sauce, Santa Barbara, Honduras
PRODUCER Franklin Madrid
VARIETIES Pacas, Parainema
PROCESS Fully Washed
ALTITUDE 1580 masl
PARTNERS LCM & Benjamin Paz
HISTORY First year of purchasing


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