Gondo PB, Kenya

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PROFILE Fresh & Fruity
TASTES LIKE Raspberry, Cherry, Honey
ROAST Light Roast, Filter Brewing


Here's the first Kenyan of the season! Always an exciting time for roasters, brewers, and customers alike. This coffee is a slightly unusual variation being a peaberry. A very small, but dense bean which requires some extra planning to get the roast profile spot on. The work pays off though because the end result can be even more vibrant and juicy compared to it's AA/AB counterparts. On top of that we've found coffee from the Gondo wetmill to be pleasantly uncharacteristic in flavour compared to your 'classic Kenyan' profile. Gondo is a great way to kick off Kenya 2021.

In Kenya, most coffee is produced by Cooperatives. The Kiriti FCS is a three wet mill society named Gondo, Kayu and Kirimahiga. The cooperative society was registered on 14th October, 1998 and the main office is located at Kayu wet mill, Kihoya sub-Location, Kangema District, Murang’a county. The society is about 17 kilometers from Kangema town and 110 km from Nairobi city. Current total membership of the cooperative is 2,469 active members out of which 900 are female and 1,569 are male. However Gondo wetmill has 727 active members. Total no. of coffee trees in New Kiriti is 635,920 The Society is managed by seven elected management and 3 supervisory committee members.



ORIGIN  Mathioya District, Murang’a County, Kenya
PRODUCER Gondo Wetmill
VARIETIES SL 28 ,K7, Ruiru 11 and Batian
PROCESS Fully Washed
ALTITUDE 1900 masl
PARTNERS Dormans & Condesa
HISTORY First year of purchasing


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