Guatemala, Campamento Alto 03

TASTES LIKE Butterscotch, Chocolate, Apricot
PROFILE Creamy & Sweet


Lot 03 is another coffee produced by Finca Villuare. Lots are typically sections of farms, where influences like climate, altitude and soil type will influence the type results. As a result, when comparing Campamento Lot 03 and Lot 04 (roasted lighter for filter) we found Lot 03 to be more complex, rich cup with greater focus on body and extra points scored for mouth feel. This made it perfect for espresso and a medium to dark roast approach. We’ve been purchasing the Campamento Lot for a number of years.

Hailing from the lush, steep hills of Huehuetenango, we purchase directly from the family, and have developed a mutual quality understanding - which the Villatoro family keep delivering on, of course, Campamento Alto Lot 04 is no exception!


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