Guatemala, El Sendero

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TASTES LIKE Cherry, Caramel, Green Apple
PROFILE Clean & Sweet


In this small valley near the town of La Libertad, some of the world’s best coffees are grown. Established by Dr. Vides in 1958, his daughter and her husband were managing the farm when their son, Renardo, a coffee agronomist who spent time on the board of the Guatemalan Federation of Coffee, decided to turn to specialty production. The El Sendero lot is an example of an exceptionally processed Huehuetenango coffee. Vides58 have a wealth of content and history - you can read about it here. Former green buyer (now chocolatier), Fred, introduced us to this farm, as he worked in the US & Central/South America, visiting Nayo (Renardo) and his family on the farm. 


LOCATION La Bolsa, La Libertad, Huehuetenango, Guatemala
PRODUCER Renardo Ovalle
PROCESS Fully Washed
HARVEST Nov 2018 - Feb 2019
PARTNERS Vides58 (export, milling) & Langdon Coffee Merchants (import)

We determined a sustainable, profitable price for the growing longevity of the producer. Below, we’ve listed the FOB (Freight on Board) price that we paid to Langdon’s, and within that, the Farmgate price - what La Bolsa directly earned for the El Sendero coffee as parchment. On top of FOB, we then pay to ship the coffee to Melbourne, quality assess, roast (resulting in a 15% weight loss), & retail it, adding significant costs & risk. You can read more about the way we source coffee via our website.

Compare the different trading models to see what La Bolsa would have received if they hadn’t sold to Seven Seeds.  

SEVEN SEEDS 7.25 11.64
COMMODITY 3.49 4.51
FAIRTRADE 4.07 4.83