Guatemala Los Santos
Guatemala Los Santos
Seven Seeds

Guatemala Los Santos

Grape, Orange, Caramel

Recommended for espresso

Producer Los Santos
Region Chimaltenango
Altitude 1700 - 1900 masl
Process Fully Washed
Varietal Typica, Caturra
Back in July, 2013, Kc took a trip to Guatemala to visit Beneficio Bella Vista, a mill in Antigua which processes coffee grown by many small producers in the surrounding areas. Bella Vista is owned and run by Luis Pedro Zelaya, a fourth generation coffee producer, miller and exporter, who has come to be a bit of a coffee leader in the Antigua coffee community. With a background in agronomy, Luis Pedro brings knowledge and innovation to other producers in the area through education and coffee assitance. We have seen first hand his commitment to maintaining excellent quality coffee throughout the region via ecologically stable and environmentally friendly methods. This coffee, Los Santos, is from a small town just north of Antigua where it has made its way to Bella Vista to complete the final steps before it’s ready to sell to coffee roasters such as us. 


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