Honduras, Finca Santa Lucia, Gesha

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The finest coffee in the land. 

We froze a small amount this stunning, incredibly expensive coffee to kick off a micro series release. 

TASTES LIKE Intense floral aroma, notes of coffee blossom, stone fruits, honey sweetness with sparkly mouthfeel.
PROFILE Elegant & Balanced


The ultra rare. The Cup of Excellence is a competition that adjudicates the finest coffee in the land by an ensemble of local and international panel. An auction follows the results which creates a flurry bids & sky rocketing prices. We wouldn't normally purchase a coffee this expensive. But, it was obvious we had to. In only its second harvest, the Gesha variety scored a staggering 94.84. An outstanding effort and gamble from the farm, which has paid off.

Seven Seeds co-owner, Mark Dundon, just so happens to co-own the winning farm, Finca Santa Lucia with his friend Erwin Mierisch & family.

The other reason, roaster Ryan Monteith, was completing his first CoE judging assignment at the Honduras competition this year (as an observer) and got to taste this coffee first hand. It was great to hear his insight into the competition this year.

ORIGIN Rio Bonito, Siguatepeque, Comayagua
PRODUCER Finca Santa Lucia
PARTNERS Cup of Excellence Honduras, 2019
QUALITY SCORE 94.84 (CoE judging score)
HISTORY First purchase
LOT SIZE 30KG (Seven Seeds purchase, total lot 1A 210KG)



After the judging occurs, the auction system drives prices to staggering levels for the winning coffees. The Alliance for Coffee Excellence (who run the CoE) completes the milling to CoE standards and acts as facilitator between the exporter and Seven Seeds. Click here for the full results.

Auction Price Paid: $120 US/per pound, or $375.98 AUD p/kg