Kinto Capsule Cold Brew Carafe


Cool coffee & tea

The nicest looking cold brew device going 'round, we reckon - you can use Kinto Cold Brew Capsule for your summer coffees, or anytime you fancy.

How to brew - follow the instructions inside.

  • Grind size - Batch Brew (coarse)
  • Output: 850mL
  • Coffee per batch: 55-60g
  • Roast recommendation: if you're adding milk, go an espresso roast, if you're drinking it black, choose notes that take your fancy.

Follow the instructions inside, but simply add your coffee, add cold water and leave it in the fridge overnight. Once the cold brew is ready, pop out the filter basket and serve straight out of the carafe, which features a lid that opens automatically when the bottle is tipped, allowing you to pour from any direction.

Cleaning the carafe is just as easy, with its heat-resistant glass helping to keep stains and lingering smells at bay just rinse it out and pop the carafe in the dishwasher to get it ready for your next batch!

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