Luis Eraso, Colombia

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PROFILE Rich & Well Rounded
TASTES LIKE Toffee, Apple, Raisin
ROAST Medium Roast, Espresso Brewing


When Luis first inherited the land, there were many older, mostly Typica trees, planted and still producing that he has since cleared and replaced. The soil at the farm is of volcanic origin and mostly loam. During the harvest season, Luis hires five local pickers (who are also his neighbours) to carry out the careful hand-selection of the cherry. After the harvest is brought in from the field, the cherry is de-pulped and fermented overnight in tanks for almost 24 hours. The coffee is then washed & dried in a parabolic greenhouse dryer. Chachagüí is known for its typically warmer weather, but since the farm is in the heights, Luis Alberto says it’s pretty varied, and therefore drying times can fluctuate. 

Los Naranjos spans a total of three and half hectares, which are divided into two separate lots, one is two hectares, and the other one and half hectares. The smaller plot is planted with 6,000 Castillo trees and Luis Alberto hopes to be able renew this planting soon, while the rest of it is the Caturra variety. 

In Colombia, government regulation means we must purchase from an exporter, and Azahar Coffee are changing the conversation of price. They’ve done a body of work around cost of production, relative to volume, in order to give buyers three price grades - Above poverty line, Minimum wage & A more sustainable income. Where this is an exciting, is that producers have better insight of their costs, to actually know what they should sell their coffee for, rather than selling at the commodity price.


  • ORIGIN Narino, Colombia
  • PRODUCER Luis Alberto Eraso
  • HISTORY 1st Year
  • VARIETIES Castillo, Caturra
  • PROCESS Fully Washed
  • HARVEST May - June 20
  • ALTITUDE 1980 masl
  • LOT SIZE 720kg
  • PARTNERS Direct

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