Luis Jojoa, Colombia

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PROFILE Tropical & Sweet
TASTES LIKE Coconut, Papaya, Peach Iced Tea
ROAST Light Roast, Filter Brewing


This exceptional filter is sweet, complex, delicate and incredibly limited. Things that are all influenced by Luis Jojoa’s processing methods and his decision to grow the mystical Pink Bourbon. The Pink Bourbon is a natural hybrid between red and yellow bourbon trees. Due to the recessive nature of its genealogy, this varietal is rare and hard to consistently cultivate. Despite this, it has become increasingly popular to grow because of the exceptional flavours it can produce. Unlike most traditional Colombian coffee producers, who typically de-pulp their coffees and let them ferment overnight for 12 to 18 hours, Luis harvests on Mondays, de-pulps the coffee at night and leaves it in the fermentation tanks. Rather than washing it on Tuesday morning, he de-pulps on Tuesday afternoon and adds any new beans that have been harvested that day to the pile of coffee that's been fermenting since Monday. He thoroughly mixes the two days' coffees together and waits until Wednesday morning to wash the whole lot before taking it out to dry

Luis is an exceptional producer. In 2006, he won 1st place in the Colombian Cup of Excellence; a prize that allowed him to buy additional hectarage to increase his productions. Luis’s progressive approach to specialty coffee extends beyond the farm. He also attends the local SENA agricultural university to increase his knowledge about high-quality production. Until Luis Alberto entered a commercial relationship with Azahar Coffee Company, he had been selling most of his coffee to the FNC cooperative at the market price (between 700.000 and 800.000 cop per carga). Now he gets upwards of 1’300.000 COP per carga (1 carga = 125kg of dry parchment coffee), which has allowed him to invest in various improvements to his farm and processes, including adjustments in the drying area, the purchase of a more efficient pulper, the enlargement of fermentation tanks and the construction of a warehouse.



ORIGIN Finca La Perla Del Otun, Pitalito, Huila, Colombia
PRODUCER Luis Alberto Jojoa
VARIETIES Pink Bourbon
PROCESS Fully Washed, Long Fermentation
ALTITUDE 1800 masl
HISTORY First year of purchasing


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