Noel Guerrero, Peru

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PROFILE Syrupy & Tropical
TASTES LIKE Tinned Peaches, Butterscotch, Creme Brûlée
ROAST Medium Roast, Espresso Brewing


Little is known about Noel Guerrero as he is particularly private and studious. We first purchased his coffee last year and that lot contributed to one of our larger "regional blender" lots that we built through many cuppings of different producer lots. This coffee scored around 85/85.25 points. For 2020/21 season we were able to purchase all of his production which included a micro lot that made it into the Atipanaku auction and into Seven Seeds warehouse. This is Noel's first entry into the auction, and we scored 87.25.

The Atipanaku Auction, which has been a really exciting experience for us. Having the ability to pay sustainable prices back to producers for their work is one of the truly satisfying things about sourcing coffee. Similar to the well regarded Cup of Excellence platform, The Atipanaku Auction is a much smaller and localised effort put together by Finca Churupampa and Red Beetle Coffee in order to highlight and reward the exemplary work of coffee production in Peru. In recent years Peru has become a focus for huge potential of rich, complex and unique coffees. Being able to take part in this is a huge honour and a privilege for us here.


  • ORIGIN Querocoto, Chota, Peru
  • PRODUCER Noel Guerrero
  • HISTORY 2nd Year
  • VARIETIES Caturra Amarillo
  • PROCESS Fully Washed
  • HARVEST Dec 2020
  • ALTITUDE 1790 masl
  • LOT SIZE 300 kg
  • PARTNERS Finca Churupampa and Caravela
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