Rigno Familia, Brazil

TASTES LIKE Raspberry, Currant, Toffee
PROFILE Sweet & Syrupy
ROAST Omni (for espresso, or filter)


This small lot is produced by Antônio Rigno & Terezinha Rigno, who own and operate Tijuco. We have been purchasing their coffees for 5 years now. This year we selected a smaller lot that cupped with great clarity, more pronounced fruit and a higher cup score in total and in turn paid a higher price for that lot.

Mr and Mrs Rigno are well known respected producers of the area. They have been great supporters and mentors to other producers in Piata, are stand out features in the COE competition every year, own their own small cafe - where you can see their many COE awards proudly on display. Warm and always welcoming, they are considered pillars to that community and are continually working to produce great coffees.

The harvest is done by hand, the majority being women who harvest the coffee cherries, which are transported by tractors to the pulper. The entire drying process is done with the guidance of technicians and then the coffee is stored in such a way as to maintain the quality.

Mr and Mrs Rigno are always looking to invest in infrastructure improvements, like Coffee-pulping machines, dryers and covered patios, so that the final result can be a coffee with the best quality possible.


ORIGIN Chapada Diamantina, Brazil

PRODUCER Antonio Rigno de Oliveira & Terezinha Rigno

HISTORY 5th Year

VARIETIES Red Catuai, Yellow Bourbon

PROCESS Pulp Natural

HARVEST August 2019


ALTITUDE 1240 masl

LOT SIZE 300kg

PARTNERS Torrefacao Progresso Ltda

TRANSPARENCY REPORT  Rigno Familia, Brazil