Roberto Fenoci, Brazil - Natural Anaerobic

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TASTES LIKE Nectarine, Plum, Honey
PROFILE Complex & Delicate
ROAST Light Roast, Filter Brewing


This coffee is a Natural Anaerobic process coffee. Well, that’s the current term for this type of processing, it certainly may change, as it is becoming more used by coffee producers around the world. It’s got a remarkable effect on a varieties inherent flavour - delicate & complex in this case.

Orlando Fenoci bought the farm to please his wife, Elisa Conttini, who grew up on the farm. Passed onto Roberto Fenoci, Fazenda Olho D'Agua has always adapted to better practices in sustainability, technology in the search for quality improvement. They invested in drip irrigation for better preservation of water resources and production to maintain the environment, use the coffee's dry organic material in qualified burners to avoid using firewood, and they have preserved thirty percent of the original native forest, which is bathed by the Rio Verde.

After picking, and initial fermentation takes place where the cherry is kept whole with their seed and not separated or "pulped". They are then placed in a sealed tank to stop the flow of oxygen. This is what is more frequently being referred to as an "anaerobic fermentation" process. No oxygen. As all fermentation occurs in the absence of oxygen, it might seem redundant to use this term and technically it is. However, as this could be considered an extension of the coffees fermentation (a process that all coffees will undergo) the term 'anaerobic' could be used to make a distinction when being compared to the other processing methods that are out there. As many producers are finding now, this process can have a remarkable effect on a varieties inherent flavour profile by enhancing it or - depending on the length of the fermentation - can create new flavours in that same coffee. 


ORIGIN Fazenda Olho D'Agua, Carmo de Minas, Minas Gerias, Brazil
PRODUCER Roberto Hamilton Fenoci
PROCESS Anaerobic Nautral
ALTITUDE  820 - 920 masl
PARTNERS Carmo Coffees
HISTORY First year of purchasing

HARVEST Aug 2020

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