HOURS // Mon-Fri: 7am-4pm, Sat & Sun 8am-4pm

359 Little Bourke St, Melbourne

Named after the legendary merchant Baba Budan who smuggled seven coffee seeds out of Yemen, a rebilous sprirt lives in this shop too. Opened circa 2003, BBB has a small number of seats, not including those on the ceiling and a loyal following of Melbournians and out-of-towners. It was Mark & Bridget's first venture into the city, with Seven Seeds opening a few years later, Brother has become a destination for those wanting a flavour of Melbourne coffee.

Seasonal Coffee

Brother serves Seven Seeds Espresso Blend for milk based coffees, plus single origins for espresso & batch brew filters. There's also plenty of coffee to take home - 250g & 1kg bags, as well as brew gear, chai, Birdsnake Chocolate & merch. You can also find baked treats, pastries & granola for breakfast.