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Seven Seeds Coffee  / Brewing Recipes / Percolation


Percolation, or the so-called ‘drip’ method of brewing, uses gravity to achieve a gentle flow rate through your coffee bed. Hot water is added in stages over a period of a few minutes along with sporadic agitation to improve extraction. Coffee-to-water ratios can be easily scaled up or down to suit the desired volume of liquid - whether a 1 cup V60, Chemex, or larger batch brew capable of serving multiple guests. The term percolation refers to the style of brewing as opposed to a specific make or model of apparatus.

This brewing method yields excellent results with high clarity, perfect for quality coffee roasted light.


Brewing time is the total amount of contact time between the ground coffee and the water.

For percolation brewing, this will vary depending on your preferred taste and equipment.

As a rough guideline, between 3 to 5 minutes.


Use a starting point ratio of 5g - 6g per 100 mLs of water. If you like a stronger coffee, explore adding an extra 2g - 3g of coffee per 100 mL of water. 


Grind size is how fine or coarse your coffee beans are ground.

For percolation brewing methods start with a medium grind size.


Very hot water (98-100 degrees) will help to extract the most flavour from your coffee and works well with our style of roasting.


For a brew with a bigger body and more intensity, explore adding an extra 2- 3 grams of coffee. A finer grind size will also achieve this.

If you prefer a brighter coffee with less intensity, reduce the amount of coffee by 2-3 grams, brew for slightly less time, or use a coarser grind size.