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We have some exciting limited edition coffees that you won't find anywhere else in Australia, just in time for Christmas. 

In this limited edition gift box you will receive three 150g bags: one Typica, one Geisha and one Catuai, from one of the highest altitude coffee farms in the world. We have been a guest of Cafe Takesi two years running and are very proud to be able to present their coffees to you, exclusively in Australia. An ideal gift for that special coffee loving someone this Christmas.  

Cafe Takesi is between 1900 to 3200 meters, spread over 2,500 hectares of land, nestled on the steep slopes of the Royal Mountain ranges of the Andes. Producer Mariana Iturralde Costa has allocated 600 hectares to grow and develop four varietals under very specific growing conditions. Rich, acidic soil composed of layered organic matter that covers a volcanic surface, topography and cloud presence all contribute to make a unique ecosystem for growing. With the slower rate of cherry maturation found at these heights, Mariana and her team apply a particular pruning system to ensure they maximise the harvest, while maintaining the trees. 

With only a limited amount available, secure yours today! 


We have been in partnership with Fredy Morales Merida of Finca Rosma for the last 6 years and they are our first point of call as soon as we land in Guatemala. Finca Rosma is a small farm near Michicoy town in San Pedro Necta area of Huehuetenango. When Fredy Morales inherited this farm 20 years ago from his father, he constructed a proper road to provide better access to him and for his neighbours, previously only accessible by horseback. Rosma estate has-been catalogued by ANACAFE as a sustainable coffee farm, providing homes, access to schools and medical assistance to employees of the farm. To preserve soil and biodiversity the plantation is shade grown. This is beneficial to the plantation, native forest and wildlife.

Fredy and his wife Yadi have recently moved into their own lab, an investment which has taken them many years to achieve, and we’re honoured to be a part of this proud moment. With a strong emphasis on environmental and social responsibility, it’s no wonder they consistently turn out delicious specialty grade coffee. This year at the Morales coffee lab, we selected five different lots from Finca Rosma. Currently available is Rosma Lot 10 for filter, tasting like red apple, toffee and raspberry. For espresso, we have Rosma Lot 13, with notes of praline, cherry and chocolate. These coffees are so good we couldn’t resist giving them the ‘top shelf’ stamp of approval.  They won’t be around for long, don’t miss out!


We’re excited to share something we have been working on over the past couple of months. We have teamed up with the good folk at La Sirene brewery to create a coffee infused Farmhouse Ale that will knock your socks off...stay tuned for release dates & more details soon. Only approx. 60 cases available (6 x 750ml) & a small quantity of 30L kegs...perfect for another cracking Melbourne summer.


Every Tuesday, 9am at Seven Seeds Carlton, we host a cupping session for the public to come along to. This usually runs for 45-60 minutes with 12 spots available each week.

So, what exactly is coffee cupping? Well, it’s the practice used by coffee buyers and roasters to taste and score coffees side by side. It's also a great way to develop your palate and breakdown aspects of the coffee's taste. Typically, seasoned cuppers will be assessing body, sweetness, acidity and overall flavour.

Cupping sessions are a $4.00 donation and 100% of this is donated to a not-for-profit organisation or charity. To date, we have donated $1000.00 to Street Smart Australia and Water Wise Coffee. We are currently raising $1250.00 from cupping donations for a local Melbourne charity called Women for Women in Africa, who are committed to the education of young people living in Kibera, Nairobi, Kenya. 

There are thousands of children living in the slum of Kibera, where families live below the poverty line. Education is not always possible for these children and their parents, mostly single mums, struggle to provide food and accommodation for their children. WFWIA has made education their primary aim.  They work to provide orphans from Kibera with a safe haven, offering them a spot at a boarding school with the luxury of 3 meals a day, their own bed and the opportunity for a good education. Currently WFWIA are working towards building their own school to give these children a premium education.   

By attending our cupping session, you won’t just be learning about coffee, but you’ll be doing something positive for others. If you want to find out more about Women For Women In Africa, or find out how you can donate, head to their website here