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New Micro-Release | Clemente Hernandez, Mexico


The Sierra Mazateca, situated in Oaxaca, derives its name from the Mazatec indigenous group residing in this region. From this region at the northern edge of Oaxaca comes Clemente Hernandez, a limited micro-lot from the producer of the same name. Roasted light for filter, we’re enjoying flavors of fresh strawberry, stone fruit, and spun sugar in this unique offering.


This is our first year of purchasing from Clemente Hernandez, a producer whose dedication shines through in his coffee. In addition to coffee, his two-hectare farm also cultivates corn, guava, peach, and avocado. In 2023, Clemente’s coffee was exported for the first time as a microlot.

This release marks only the second time Seven Seeds has featured a coffee from Mexico, reflecting the challenges faced in exporting coffee from this origin. Factors such as poor infrastructure and limited opportunities for local sales have contributed to this rarity.

Despite these challenges, pockets of Mexico continue to produce exceptional quality coffee, exemplified by Clemente's offering.

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