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New Release | El Conjuro, Peru

El Conjuro is a regional blend of coffee from a small group of dedicated producers in Cajamarca, Northern Peru. The coffee is grown with precision and skill, undergoing processing and drying at the hands of the producers themselves before being expertly blended with similar quality grades and flavour profiles. Once the blend is perfected, it makes its journey to us here in Melbourne. This marks our third year of supporting these producers, and we are continually impressed by the consistent quality of El Conjuro. This year, we've noticed a subtle increase in acidity, making it a delightful choice for any filter brewing method.


Nestled along the highlands near the small industrial city of Jaen lies a hilltop known to locals as Cerro Conjuro. Legend has it that decades ago, missionaries gifted the community with two crucifixes for protection against plagues and other misfortunes. One was placed atop Cerro Conjuro, while the other found its home at the entrance of Chotantli. Every May, the community celebrates their faith by embarking on a pilgrimage to Cerro Conjuro, followed by festivities filled with food, drinks, and dancing.

The coffee producers in this region are truly experts in their field, boasting a wealth of knowledge and experience accumulated over decades of coffee cultivation. The microclimates and soil in this area provide an ideal environment for growing traditional coffee varieties like Caturra, Typica, and Bourbon - always a delightful treat on our cupping table.

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