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New Release | Chirinos, Peru

Chirinos is an exclusive regional blend named after the small village it hails from. It is crafted with care by four local producers to bring you a flavorful brew with maximum traceability. Coffee Roaster and Green Buyer Courtney had the pleasure of visiting Chirinos during a purchasing trip to Peru in 2017, instantly recognizing the exceptional quality potential of the region. Seven Seeds proudly continues its partnership with this dedicated producer group for a second year. We are thrilled to showcase these unique flavours once again - expect a coffee that is exotic, fruity, incredibly sweet, and bursting with a vibrancy that goes beyond your typical Peruvian brew.
Chirinos is in the San Ignacio region of Northern Peru, renowned for its high altitudes, rich soil, and traditional coffee varieties. The local economy thrives on coffee production, with generations of farmers possessing deep-rooted knowledge that allows them to consistently produce top-notch coffee without requiring extensive agricultural inputs or soil treatments. It's typical for farms here to be organic by nature. Skilled pickers meticulously select only the ripest fruit, while producers employ careful fermentation techniques to maximise fruity flavours while maintaining exceptional cup quality. The remarkable quality of coffee grown in this area surpasses that of many other regions in the country, which is why we are excited to shine a spotlight once again on the exceptional coffee from Chirinos.
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