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New Release | Finca Rosma, Guatemala

Finca Rosma, Guatemala, returns to our single-origin espresso menu today, celebrating an incredible 10-year relationship between Seven Seeds Coffee and Familia Morales.

This crowd-pleasing, fully washed lot from the Morales family is the ideal coffee to start your day or boost your mid-afternoon. It's bursting with the delightful flavours of mellow summer fruits, leaving you with a satisfyingly sweet and crisp finish.


The Morales family has been tending to this beautiful land since 1963, when the visionary Don Alejandro Morales first purchased it. In 1980, Dr. Fredy Morales renamed the farm to Finca Rosma, a loving tribute to his wife, Rose Mary. Their dedication to both the land and the community is truly inspiring. Not only do they run award-winning farms, but they also strive to make a positive impact on the people around them.

At Seven Seeds Coffee, we are honoured to contribute to the Morales family's school program for the local coffee community for the second year in a row. Our Lunches for Los Pequenos campaign has already raised over $3,500 towards our $5,000 donation goal. This money will provide daily lunches and snacks for the children attending Finca Rosma's Coffee Kinder. By purchasing lots like these, we can directly support the hardworking people who produce this fantastic coffee.

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