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New Release | Evin Moreno, Honduras

Evin Moreno is a young, innovative, inspiring producer from Santa Barbara, Honduras. We are now in our fourth year purchasing from Evin and his wife Alma, who are producing some of the most thought-provoking coffees from this region. This year, we had the opportunity to purchase two lots from Evin to showcase the exciting coffee coming out of their farm, La Montanita.

Our first 2024 release from Evin is his SL-28 lot, a varietal more commonly associated with Kenyan coffees. Evin's take on the SL-28 is refined and engaging, combining the fundamentals of the varietal with additional flavours of the terroir of the land and the thoughtful production techniques of the La Montanita team.

Forever looking forward, Evin and Alma decided to focus on pruning and tree rejuvenation this year. The immediate impact of this meant that their commercially available output was lower this year. Seven Seeds was offered the opportunity to pay a higher price than necessary for these lots to mitigate this financial impact. The price we paid reflects not only the coffee's immense quality but also our intent to help ensure we can enjoy lots of this quality further into the future.

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