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New Release | Willyan Zambrano, Colombia

The team here at Seven Seeds is over the moon to welcome Willyan Zambrano, aka the Pink Bourbon Don, back to the menu for a second year. Willyan's coffee was one of our favourite releases last year, proving to be a dream to roast and drink. This year, we have had the opportunity to purchase three lots from Willyan, including two Pink Bourbon releases for our single-origin menu and one Caturra/Colombia lot, bringing its plump, red fruit sweetness to our current F.Bomb Filter Blend.


Initially believed to be a natural mutation between Red and Yellow Bourbon, recent research has found Pink Bourbon to be its unique varietal, sharing more similarities to an Ethiopian landrace than a traditional Bourbon variety. The variety is native to Colombia, specifically Huila, with the name inspired by the cherry ripening with a pinkish hue. This Pink Bourbon from Willyan Zambrano is an undeniably beautiful coffee.

A continued focus for the sourcing team in 2023 was to reestablish our presence with producers in Colombia. We aim to strengthen relationships with producer groups we have used in the past and identify producers with whom we could establish long-term exclusive partnerships. In the next few years, our goal is to commit to a certain amount of AA/AAA grade coffee from Willyan's farm, La Montañita, each harvest.

In the short term, we are committing to putting in place a retail pricing structure that will allow us to make a direct financial contribution to Willyan and his wife Marie on top of the price we pay to our origin sourcing partners, Caravela.  Facilitated by Caravela, this payment serves as a gesture of appreciation for the quality of these lots and our growing relationship with Willyan.

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