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New Release | Asman Arianto, Indonesia


Asman Arianto, Indonesia, is a stunning coffee is from Aceh Tengah, in the north end of Sumatra; it is the first time Seven Seeds has purchased coffee from this origin. For those new to Indonesian coffees, expect a clean and refreshing brew, like a glass of freshly squeezed OJ in the morning.

Asman Arianto is the leader of the Asman Gayo co-operative, which has more than 350 members. Asman aims to offer competitive prices to help farmers reinvest in their farms and families. Co-op models like this allow producers who may only produce a few kilograms of parchment to access the specialty coffee market and the economic opportunities this can bring.

Asman Arianto, will be a limited release, with only 60kgs purchased through our supply partner, Cafe Imports.

Later this year, Yoshi from our Roasting team will attend the Cup of Excellence competition in Indonesia as a judge and to learn more about the local coffee scene for future sourcing.

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