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New Release | Habtamu Fekadu, Ethiopia

We're wrapping up our single-origin releases for 2023 with our last Ethiopian coffee of the season. Habtamu Fekadu, Ethiopia, is new to Seven Seeds and is the first coffee we've purchased from the Yirgacheffe region since 2020. Coffee from here commonly represents some of the 'classic' flavours associated with the best Ethiopia has to offer: floral, delicate and tea-like.

Habtamu Fekadu is a young coffee trader based out of Addis Ababa. Although hailing from a family of generational coffee producers, Habtamu spent some of his formative years working as a bank manager for the Oromia coffee cooperative. He returned to the coffee business with his grandfather in 2015 and now exports coffee from several areas within Ethiopia. Earlier this year, our head roaster, Ryan, was lucky enough to meet Habtamu at the formidable Horizon mill and hand-select the bags of coffee to purchase.

A goal for our sourcing team this year was to find a new producer to work with to add some profile variation to our Ethiopian selections. On our quest for something new, we stumbled upon something from the past. Having been several years since our last coffee from Yirgacheffe, the Habtamu Fekadu provided a welcome and refreshing change on the cupping table. Enjoy a trip back to the mid/late 2010s with this coffee. It is an absolute pleasure to roast and drink.

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