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Exclusive Micro-Release | Takesi Geisha, Bolivia

Finca Takesi's plantation, nestled on the steep slopes of the Royal Mountain ranges of the Andes, covers 2,500 hectares of fertile land ranging from 1900 to 3200 meters above sea level. This unique location provides the perfect environment for cultivating exceptional coffee.

Seven Seeds holds a direct trade relationship with Mariana and her team, making us one of only five roasters worldwide to have this privilege. As we mark our ninth year of partnership, we feel honoured and grateful for the opportunity to work closely with such dedicated producers.

Finca Takesi Geisha, Bolivia - Seven Seeds


The Geisha/Gesha variety of coffee is a true gem in the world of specialty coffee. Renowned for its delicate florals, soft tropical flavours, and tea-like qualities, Geisha has made a significant impact on the industry. Originally growing wild in the forests of South-Western Ethiopia, it was later discovered and introduced to Panama, where it gained fame for its exceptional cup profile. The Peterson family's Geisha from Boquete made waves in 2005, fetching record-breaking prices at auction and captivating the global coffee community. Its unparalleled quality and distinct characteristics continue to set it apart as one of the most sought-after coffee varieties in the world.

Finca Takesi's Geisha has been a standout at Seven Seeds over the past nine years, showcasing the exceptional quality and unique flavours of this special variety. With each passing year, the quality only seems to improve. As one of the select few roasters worldwide with access to this exclusive lot, we take pride in bringing you this exceptional coffee, and we couldn’t be more excited to launch this once again.

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