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Exclusive Micro-Release | Takesi Java, Bolivia

We’re thrilled to announce that Takesi Java has returned to Seven Seeds. For three years, Finca Takesi has been producing commercial volumes of this exceptional coffee, following farm renovations to replace some Typica trees with the increasingly sought-after Java varietal.

We’re honoured to be the only Australian coffee roasters with a direct trade relationship with Mariana Iturralde and her remarkable team. Furthermore, we’re one of only two roasters worldwide lucky enough to have secured their incredible Java.


When Java is grown at high altitudes and meticulously processed, it is a true showstopper, with natural vibrancy, pristine cleanliness, intricate complexity, and delightful aromas. At Finca Takesi, the growing conditions are nothing short of ideal—thanks to the farm’s extreme elevation, fertile soil, and expert care.

Takesi Java is grown at a higher elevation than even their world-renowned Geisha, and this is clearly evident in the cup. This is a coffee with exquisite structure, accompanied by wild, sparkling acids and soft herbal notes.

We’re not shy about saying it: This is the finest Java we’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting. Join us in celebrating Bolivian coffee at its absolute finest.

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