The best time to drink coffee

Fresh is sometimes, counter intuitively, too fresh. We’ve found the best window to brew espresso roasted coffee is actually 10-20 days after roast. And, importantly coffee continues to be optimal 30 days after roast. Filter roasted coffee has a different, longer window 5 - 25 days. 

It’s the sweet spot where acid mellows, sweetness shines through, and the body is most complete. That period is the best representation of the coffee we’ve sampled, sourced, quality assessed, roasted and deemed good enough for our menu.

We believe this graph is good example of how our coffee progresses over time, in general. It's not a scientific exercise. 

Just as fruit tastes best when it's ripened, coffee tastes best when it’s settled. Our soft plastic recyclable bags have a valve to release gas, and zip seal to keep the beans stable, and delish.