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Coffee Concentrate 1L

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Our all-new, super-versatile Coffee Concentrate has arrived, and we're on a caffeine kick while we try out all the ways we can use it!

Enjoy it hot or cold; perfect for iced lattes, blended drinks, and refreshing with soda or tonic. Heat it and enjoy it with milk or a little water.

A new staple for your kitchen; think baking (tiramisu, chocolate cake), BBQ (marinades, sauces), and easy desserts (pour it over ice cream!)

Keep it simple at cocktail hour; ready-to-go in espresso martinis and coffee negronis.

Brewed hot and flash chilled to preserve the aromas and signature flavours of our big and bold Golden Gate. Our Coffee Concentrate is espresso strength; a shot or two should do!

Unopened, this bottle can sit on your shelf for up to 3 months. After opening it, keep it in the fridge and use it within seven days.