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Public Holiday Hours | ANZAC Day
Public Holiday Hours | ANZAC Day

Seven Seeds Coffee Blog

  • April 28, 2014

    Hello 5 day weeks...again

    How's everyone feeling after the double long weekends? Let's face it, long weekends can be a little exhausting too!

    Our trading hours are back to usual and public cuppings are running Wedneday 9am and Saturday 10am.

    Remember to pop in 10 minutes before the start time to secure a spot, we take a gold coin donation and proceeds are passed on to the good guys at AnaCafe, Guatemala.

    Stay cool folks.

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  • April 10, 2014

    No Public Cupping Easter + Anzac weekends

    With the long weekends ahead of us, the roasters will be taking a wee break...

    As a result there will be no public cupping Saturday 19th April and Saturday 26th April. Cuppings will run as usual on the Wednesday at 9am...see you there!

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  • March 27, 2014

    Easter and Anzac Weekend Hours

    Wow, double long weekend! Life is sweet sometimes..

    Easter Weekend Hours 18th - 21st April

    No bookings, just pop in.

    Seven Seeds
    Good Friday 8am - 5pm
    Saturday 8am - 5pm
    Easter Sunday Closed
    Easter Monday 8am - 5pm

    Brother Baba Budan
    Good Friday 9am - 5pm
    Saturday 9am - 5pm
    Easter Sunday Closed
    Easter Monday 9am - 5pm

    Traveller Coffee
    Good Friday - Easter Monday CLOSED

    Hortus x Seven Seeds
    Good Friday 9am - 4pm
    Saturday 9am - 4pm
    Easter Sunday Closed
    Easter Monday 9am - 4pm

    Anzac Weekend Hours 25th April

    Seven Seeds
    Anzac Friday 8am - 5pm

    Brother Baba Budan
    Anzac Friday 7am - 4pm 

    Traveller Coffee
    Anzac Friday 7am - 1pm 

    Hortus x Seven Seeds
    Anzac Friday 9am - 4pm

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  • March 14, 2014

    G&B are coming to Melbourne!!

    Monday 31st March 7pm

    U.S coffee luminaries Charles Babinski & Kyle Glanville will be in Australia this March as guests of Paramount Coffee Project, fortunately for us, they'll be coming over to Melbourne for one night at Seven Seeds for an evening of Q&A.

    Buy tickets here


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  • March 7, 2014

    Good bye La Linda

    Three weeks ago we welcomed Colombia La Linda onto the filter team and have just roasted the last round. This gem is now only available at Seven Seeds Cafe, Brother Baba Budan and Traveller but no longer online. Never fear, as we have another delightful coffee to reveal later in the week...
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  • March 4, 2014

    Source + Supply Tuesday

    It's source + supply Tuesday!! Sending out to our single origin subscribers Colombia La Cacica, tastes like honey, strawberry + almond.

    Want in? Head here to have coffee delivered to your door fortnightly!

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  • February 26, 2014

    Taking it to Origin

    As you know, the roasters head over to Origin throughout the year, generally to coincide with the time of harvest to work on securing exceptional coffee. Sometimes these guys cup 100+ coffees over the course of the travel, are generally traveling to pretty out-of-the-way places and meeting producers, exporters and other coffee roasters from all around. It's a pretty special part of the process and the hope is to share some of stories with you along the way...
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