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Taking it to Origin

As you know, the roasters head over to Origin throughout the year, generally to coincide with the time of harvest to work on securing exceptional coffee. Sometimes these guys cup 100+ coffees over the course of the travel, are generally traveling to pretty out-of-the-way places and meeting producers, exporters and other coffee roasters from all around. It's a pretty special part of the process and the hope is to share some of stories with you along the way...
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Colombia La Cacica is onboard!

La Cacica arrived last week and is now online for all you espresso lovers.
We will also see La Cacica taking up residency in the blend for the next couple of months as a solid base to pair with coffee from Guatemala.
Tasting like honey, strawberry + almond, we're sure you'll enjoy!

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Blend Change

The roasters have just completed their first roast of the new blend where Finca La Soledad + Bella Vista take out Finca Villaure + Finca Los Guayabales. This new blend is tasting like a slice of summer with caramel, dark chocolate + cherry sweetness.



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We're open and ready to go..

Hello Melbourne! 
We're here and ready to go as of 7am this morning. Who else is feeling the effects of that extra Christmas food? Food baby central over here...
Come on in an grab a brew, we're excited to see you all.
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