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On The Water

Apologies for taking so long to write this one, but the roastery at Seven Seeds is so full with new coffee that it took me a couple of days to burrow through and reach the computer.  Blatant lies aside, we do have a lot of green pouring in right now.

Recently we've seen the arrivals of beans from six (yes, six) Colombian estates that will feature as single origins, plus a couple more for the blend.  These were selected by Aaron on a trip to South America in June.  We are happy to be welcoming back our friends Carlos Imbachi (a Seeds stalwart who has supplied us for three years now, pictured here) and Benedicto Yara, and chuffed to be making some new ones with the likes of Dimar Gutierrez, and Jose Lizardo Rojas.

Imbachi et al. are expected to start making appearances on the machine and on the retail stand within the next month so see you then for un tinto!

Also 'on the water' are Guatemalans, Costa Ricans, and a Honduras Cup of Excellence winner.  Central America, coming up.

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